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Perfect 10 Spray Dressing Perfect 10 Spray Dressing - Conditions and protects vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, metal and wood surfaces. A special blend of silicones and fast-drying solvents make treatment of surfaces fast and easy. A super-fine mist coats surfaces evenly without sticky buildups. 12oz. can - $8.00
Case of 12 $88.00
Mist - It Mist - It - Easy-to-use surface enhancer. Mist-It is designed to create rich, wet-looking gloss. It is ideal for pre-delivery cleanups and as a lubricant when using overspray clays. 1 Gallon - $28.99
Showroom Shine Showroom Shine - Quickly removes dust, smudges and fingerprints from auto finishes and leaves a bright, glossy, protective shine. Showroom Shine can be used to clean and shine all glass, metal and exterior painted surfaces. Designed specifically for the "spot delivery" needs of car dealerships, it is also safe for use in body shops. 1 Gallon - $28.99
Ultra-Violet Ultra-Violet - Provides a durable high-gloss shine in one easy step. Advanced cleaning agents and waxes work together to remove the toughest soils and leave a rich, lustrous shine. Great grape scent. Dilute 1:20. 64oz. - $13.99
Verry Berry Super - Premium Wash 'n Wax Verry Berry Super-Premium Wash 'n Wax - The ultimate wash and wax product. Foams like a liquid car wash, makes water sheet and roll off the finish and leaves a " just-waxed" look that lasts through several car washings. Great wild berry scent. Dilute 1:128. 64.oz - $24.99

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