Waxes & Polishes

Enhancer Enhancer - The ultimate liquid paste wax. Easy-to-use product applies and dries quickly, leaving a fast-wiping haze and no dust. A unique blend of the finest carnauba wax and other premium ingredients delivers the longest lasting, highest gloss shine that resists sun, weather, and repeated washings. 32oz. - $20.99

1 Gal. - $55.99
Nano Care Spray Wax Nano Care Spray Wax - Nano Care Spray Wax uses advanced nano-technology to provide both waxing and dressing of surfaces in just-one-step. Use this product both inside and outside the vehicle on vinyl, leather, plastic and all painted surfaces. 22oz. - $13.99 

1Gallon - $35.99
Cherry Flash Cherry Flash - This liquefied paste wax utilizes DuPont Zonyl, and provides a deep long lasting gloss. Features a fresh cherry scent. VOC Compliant. 32oz. - $17.99

1 Gallon - $48.99
Rejuvenator Cleaner Wax Rejuvenator Cleaner Wax - Specially formulated one step product contains premium carnauba wax for long-lasting protection and rich, deep gloss. Rejuvenator's fast-acting cleaners speed vehicle paint restoration. Use by hand or with wool or foam buffing pad. 32oz. - $21.99 

1 gallon - $47.99
Pink Paste Wax Pink Paste Wax - A blend of pure #1 Carnauba Wax and high grade heat resistant polymer resins. Easy on and off. For all automotive, marine, motorcycle, and aircraft finishes. Great on chrome and fiberglass too. 14.5oz. can - $13.99
Plum Crazy Hand Glaze Plum Crazy Hand Glaze - Removes minor scratches and swirl marks. Plum Crazy produces an easy-on/easy-off high gloss shine on both old and newly painted surfaces. Use this grape-scented, purple creme on all acrylic enamels, acrylic lacquers, urethanes and basecoat/clearcoat finishes. Hand or machine use. Silicone Free. Discontinued
Nano Care Polishing Creme Nano Care Polishing Creme - Using nano technology, this specially formulated polish is the ultimate treatment for dark colored vehicles. It creates the deepest gloss and a glass-like finish. Nano Care Polishing Creme features easy-on/easy-off application and works great when used by hand or machine with foam finishing pad. 32oz. - $21.99

1 Gallon - $47.99
Lite Finish Lite Finish - Removes swirl marks and produces amazing brilliance when used alone or after Tru-Grit. Lite Finish produces deep, lustrous, long-lasting gloss without waxes or fillers. 32oz. - $25.99

1 Gallon - $52.99
Buff Lite II Finishing Creme Buff Lite II Finishing Creme - Light compound designed to remove 1500-grit and finer sand scratches and leave finishes free of swirl marks. Use it with either foam or wool buffing pads to create outstanding gloss quickly and with minimum dust and haze. VOC Complaint. Silicone Free. Our most popular all-purpose polish.  32oz. - $21.99

1 Gallon - $45.99
Tru-GRIT Tru-GRIT - Contains special abrasives that provide the broadest buffing capability with minimal swirls. It is formulated for removing 1000-grit and finer sand scratches from both fully-cured and 24-hour old high solid and standard clears, making it the best choice of all shops. Use Tru-Grit to repair paint defects and to remove oxidation and environmental paint damage on any automotive coating. VOC Complaint. Silicone Free. 32oz. - $22.99

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